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Pioneer Recognition Program -- Norwegian Pioneer Certificates

Pioneer Certificate SampleOur certificate program will recognize your Norwegian pioneer ancestor(s) who settled in Minnesota before 1920. The 8 1/2" by 11" parchment certificate is suitable for framing.  The NSPP embossed gold seal is affixed.  The name of the pioneer or pioneer couple, the location, documented date of residence and the applicant's name are shown on its face.


Print and complete the application.  Mail it, copies of required documentation, and your check for $10 to the address on the application.  For shipment to addresses outside the US, the application cost is $15 (US).   An on-line payment option using PayPal is available (link at the top of this page), which simplifies currency conversion for non-US applicants.  If you make your payment on-line, you can submit your application via e-mail.


Basic requirements to apply for recognition:

  • The pioneer must be a Norwegian immigrant or the child of at least one Norwegian immigrant

  • The pioneer resided in Minnesota by 1920 (1920 US Census can be used as proof)

  • The applicant is a direct descendant of the pioneer or the descendant of a sibling of a pioneer who died without children

  • Documentation is provided that supports the date and place of Minnesota residence

All additional certificate requests for the same pioneer ancestor are $9 (US) each when:

  • .they are included on the same application

  • arrive in the same envelope

  • document line of descent from a common ancestor to the additional applicant as a direct descendant (or descendant of the sibling of a pioneer who died without children)


You can expect to receive your certificates within 30 days of receipt of your application. All pioneers honored by the project are added to our Pioneer Page.


If a pioneer is not approved for recognition, you will receive a letter explaining the decision. If documentation is lacking, you will be given an opportunity to provide additional information to support the application.  If a pioneer is not approved, your application fee will be forfeited ($10 or $15), but you will receive a full refund for any additional certificates ordered ($9) on the same application.   If a pioneer is approved for recognition, but the direct line of descent cannot be proved for an individual, the application fee ($10,$15, or $9) for that individual will be forfeited.   (Although this is the policy, please note that only 3 of over 450 applications received to date have been rejected - two because the pioneer was not Norwegian. The NSPP reviewers often use their own research resources to fill in any holes found in an application. The low rejection rate is no doubt because descendants of Norwegian-Minnesotans are very competent people!)

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